Codex: Anim the Life Giver

The Life Giver, the Creator, the Great One – Anim is the father of our world and the worlds beyond. Anim wove together the primal elements to create the Prime Material Plane. Father of all gods, each of his children came to Anim for license to create, each was granted their wishes, and all was well.

Our Father asks us only to be creators, as he created before our time. He wishes for the creation of our churches, our homes, and our families. He asks that we praise the fruits of our labors in his name, and give thanks for the spark of inspiration that is his greatest gift to mortality. Anim wishes for us to spread our creations, make new churches and homes, and rejoice together.

The Creator dislikes conflict and destruction, as all creations are equally beautiful in his eyes. Anim despises machines of war designed to destroy others, and instead encourages peace between partners. By living as the Life Giver, you too shall give life to those around you.

-From the Book of Anim: Creation I


Art Credit: Tatiana – Pinterest (

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