Codex: The Children of Anim, Part 1

In the beginning there was only chaos. Roiling, boiling forces of elemental chaos, violent and formless. Anim, Father of All, looked down on this chaos and saw limitless potential. Drawing from these primal forces, he wove together the Prime Material Plane – a place for him to put his creations.

His children watched, and saw how Anim delighted in the act of creation. Each soon came to him with a new idea for his world that he created below.

Warm Lucerna asked for light to warm the faces of Anim’s creations. And so Anim created the sun and stars for her, shining eternally around the world. She danced around the sky among the celestial bodies, and all was well.

Kind Altura asked to be the steward of her father’s creation. And so Anim gave her the first plants and beasts to care for. Altura grew to love all natural places in the world, and all was well.

Mighty Vis asked for help keeping the elemental forces at bay. Anim gave him six children; huge creatures of great strength and keepers of the elements. Each of these Giants were given the task of watching the primordial gates, and all was well.

Wise Nitio asked for two sages to keep knowledge and arcane power. And so Anim gave him the first Drakes, who assisted Nitio and helped him record his discoveries. The two Draconic brothers sought magical power, and all was well.

Slender-ankled Saleth grew bored, and asked her father for something to entertain her. So Anim created the Wildlings: physical manifestations of emotion and change. And so Saleth smiled and danced and all was well.

Ever-cautious Cassus sought to protect his siblings’ creations, and asked for creatures to be warriors and servants to the gods. And so Anim created the Angels to watch over all of creation, and all was well.

Anim delighted in seeing the creations of his children, and was inspired. He sought to create something that blended the best of his family’s creations. And so he created Man, and released him onto the Prime Material, and all was well.

But sad Obytas looked on Anim’s creations and frowned. He saw that if the children of Man continued to multiply, they would quickly fill the world. Obytas came to his father and told him of this discovery. Obytas then asked that all Anim’s creations be given mortality, for otherwise, all would be consumed and purpose would be lost. This made Anim sad, but he saw the wisdom in his words and agreed. Obytas was tasked with leading the souls to the afterlife.

And so the first creations of Anim made their way in the world, and all was well.

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