The Children of Anim: Part 2

The Children of Anim loved the works that their father had made for them, but each coveted his final creation – Man. Each of the Gods wished for their own sentient followers, and began to experiment on their own. Thus began the Dawn of the Immortals – beings of great power.

Nurturing Altura realized that she would need help in her mission to keep the world clean and healthy. For each of the primal elements, she created a beast of immense power to act as steward. These titanic beasts accepted their responsibilities willingly at first, but then grew jealous of each other and began to bicker. Their arguments and fighting caused huge storms and shook the foundations of the world, and Altura sent each into a deep slumber.

Saleth saw the beauty in Humanity, and wished for them to revel alongside her. She lured the most beautiful human named Illudo into the Wildlands, where she and her Faeries danced and reveled for eons. But when Illudo returned to his world, it seemed like not a day had passed. The echoes of Saleth’s revels lingered in Illudo’s mind for eternity, and they grew bored with the material world. They gained a wanderlust that extended beyond the confines of this world, and ever-sought to return to Saleth and her palace. Illudo’s offspring, it is said, were the first elves.

Obytas faithfully fulfilled his duties as soul-ferryman for his father Anim, but longed for companionship. He sought Saleth in desperation, and took comfort in her beauty. She bestowed on him a child named Nex to keep him company, and Obytas was delighted. He raised Nex as his own, and taught him his role in the scheme of death and birth. But Nex was greedy and deceitful. He saw the power in the souls he ferried to and fro, and hid them away from his father. They festered and rotted until they became unrecognizable and irredeemable. It was not until Lucerna exposed Nex’s treachery that Obytas cast him out, dismayed. Nex took lordship over his corrupted souls, and thus the devils were born.

Runespeaker Nitio wished to find the secrets of creation, and asked his tempestuous brother Vis for assistance. Attempting to wield the elements like their father, they sought to forge a beautiful creature of supreme intellect and power. But though each of the brothers was strong, none had mastery of the elements like their father. And so they formed the hideous titan Vessan, a being of terrible power and utter madness. The two gods realized their mistake, and quickly sealed their creation, but not before its fevered dreams became manifest and willed corporeal horrors into existence. The mad titan remained sealed in the Abyss, and so the demons were born.

Vis admired the strength of his own creations, but saw that they lacked discipline and honor. Seeking aid, he went to his brother, noble Cassus. Cassus agreed, and sent his son Ciris to train Vis’s giants. But Ciris reveled in the destructive power that the giants wielded, and instead taught them only fury and impulse. Furious, Vis struck at Ciris, blinding one of his eyes and casting him out. This angered his father Cassus, who has still not forgiven Vis for his outburst. Ciris howled with rage and swore vengeance against the Gods.  From the blood of his wound sprung the first Orcs.

Cassus sought to create a champion of justice to smite the fiends created by the gods. With the help of Obytas, he crafted an immense being that knew no fear of death. His creation, Regnum, hounded the fiends without remorse, but in doing so became obsessed with dominating his foes. Evil grew in his heart, and Regnum began to conquer the mortal cities, subjugating perceived evildoers, and killing thousands without remorse. Cassus met him in battle, and stopped him at the last bastion of the mortal realm. Cassus split Regnum’s body into thirds: his head remained fearless and flew off to the wilds; his torso kept his strength and lied down among the underbrush; his legs retained his speed and fled in fear. Thus, the goblinoids were born.

Lucerna saw all this great conflict among the gods, and wished to brighten the world. With the aid of her servant Risio, Lucerna came to the court of Anim. The All-Father had grown despondent and dismayed in all the conflict that his creations had wreaked. Lucerna sent Risio to pose as Anim’s stool. When Anim went to sit, Risio moved and played a humorous tune. Anim laughed for the first time in millennia, and as the echoes of the All-Father’s laugh spread across the material plane, the first small folk sprung into being.

When Anim looked upon the chaos that his creations had sown, he decided that it was not good for all the gods to tamper with the forces of true creation. And so he created the forger Fornax, to whom he gave the knowledge of craft. When Fornax asked for more servants, Anim refused him, claiming that any more creations would only cause more division in the world. But Fornax was adamant, and refused to create anything until he received some servants. Surprised by Fornax’s resolve, Anim eventually conceded, and the first dwarves were the last of Anim’s creations.

Anim vowed to never again create anything for his children, and retired to his seat in heaven to observe the matters of mortals from a distance.

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