Bestiary: The Golems of Anu Katesh

Though Gwynland is home to the magical city state of Aglarond, where the court wizards have procured wondrous feats of magic, their achievements are not the only ones in the world. Across the ocean, in the white sands of Anu Katesh, the Grand Emperor’s Magi have granted life to giants of stone, sand, and steel.

The Golems of Anu Katesh serve as symbols of the Emprie’s strength and opulence, and their prowess on the battlefield is legendary. With only a few War Golems, a small garrison of Imperial Soldiers can hold city gates against the full onslaught of a Goblinoid host.

The strongest of these golems are enchanted with magical spells that they can release on the battlefield, but even the least of them possesses superhuman strength. Golems are used for construction jobs, city defense, and transportation. They’re often built in the image of humanoids, but bestial and monstrous shapes are not unheard of. They’re usually powered by a bound elemental spirit, as the use of demonic and mortal spirits is generally frowned upon.

Rumors of these animated marvels have reached the most inquisitive minds in Aglarond, and there is some talk of inviting Magi as intellectual consultants. But the Magi of the Grand Emperor are loathe to share their secrets, and the wrath of the Emperor is swift and merciless.

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