Morgo: The Holy Lands

Morgo is one of the five prominent human Provinces under the Kingdom of Lloegr. They house the holy city of the Church of Anim and are run by the churches leading members. In the Holy Lands, the divine rule supreme.


The Church has ultimate power in the cities under Morgo. They are the judiciary, the economy, the political leaders, and cultural center of each city. They are called the Church of Anim due to the Life Giver creating each part of the world around them, but many more deities are worshipped here. The morning lights are praised by the priests of Lucerna, while the cemeteries are watched over by Keepers of Obytas. Each of Anim’s children has a place in Morgo, but Anim is worshipped above all.

A council represents the interests of each church (in turn, representing the people of those churches) that is known as the Chamber of the Chosen. They convene in the Tower of Faith, centered in the holy city of Maarthyn. Each claim to be a literal descendant of their respective deity and each successor must have that blood as well. The Chamber discusses national issues first, then debates on religious interpretation for the remainder of their meetings. The Chamber rarely invites guests to observe these meetings, and never invites the faithless to the holy site.


There is always a greater cause in the works of the Morgon people. No matter what station an individual is in, the collective whole always takes priority. This allows people to disregard pride in their own work, but instead to take pride in the works of their nation. If a smith creates a new tool to aid in production, they praise Anim for giving Morgo this newfound knowledge.

This mindset permits the church to establish economic benefits for the good of the nation. Those living under the protection of Anim must pay a hefty tax to support the guards, the priests, and the welfare of the nation. In return, the Church provides for those in need when times of trouble occur. The populace lives in happiness under this protection and does all it can to advance Morgo to greater paragon than the day before.

The Arcane

Many view the manipulation of magic as a deviation from the gods themselves; if wizards are not receiving power from Anim, than what do they stand their faith on? The less informed populace sees these casters as warlocks and witches, believing they are worshipping darker abominations, or worse, worshipping themselves. Blasphemy in Morgo is a death sentence, but the authority understands that the Arcane is supported by Nitio, God of Knowledge and Magic. As long as wizards in the area have sanctions from the Church of Nitio, normally being a holy symbol, then they have no quarrels with the law. The people, on the other hand, have a strong mistrust of arcanists and do not welcome them with open arms.

The Land of the Divine is a beacon of virtue for the faithful and a powerful force against the unholy. The masses join in times of praise, sorrow, and peace; eternally under the watch of the Life Giver.

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