Profile: Rorick Demolun

Battle-hardened and a warrior at heart, Rorick Demolun rules his kingdom with the sincerity of a servant to a master. Loyal to the Lloegr crown, he seeks to protect all people of Lloegr, not just Demolia.

Rise to Fame

Rorick was third-born to Lord Jordan Demolun and Lady Ilya, rulers of the kingdom of Demolia. His expectation to rule was far from reality, and his parents decided to lead him on a different path.

Rorick rarely sat in his childhood, always on his feet practicing swordplay and mounted tactics. In a small number of years, he had bested most of his father’s personal guards in swordplay; his tacticians, at wargames. When he came of age, his father put him under Master Jaromir – the maestro combatant of all of Lloegr – to hone his abilities. Rorick returned with mastery of the art of war, unparalleled in the kingdom. Boasted as Champion of Demolia, he traveled with the royal courts to all events and was the first in line on the battlefield.

Even with all of his skill, Rorick never took pride in his accomplishments. All who worked with him – above or below his stature – always accounted him to raise the spirits of the warriors around him. His royal travels always paused to aid the downtrodden, and he never left the battlefield until every warrior was tended to. No matter who it was, Rorick took up a role of equality to treat them with kindness and sincerity.

The Iron Crusade

When the dwarves led their invasion into Sigland, Rorick felt obligated to aid the neighboring nation. After a council with his father, Demolia took up arms and marched against the dwarven armies. After several stalemates and losses, Rorick understood that this war could only be won with allies. He was approached by the son of the king, Magnus, and agreed to gain the support of the elves.

While on his diplomacy mission, a failed attack caused the deaths of his two eldest brothers and all at their command. Although the war ended in a treatise, Rorick had another battle in the confines of his kingdom. With his father’s health depleting and his brothers gone, Rorick would soon find himself in command of the kingdom and their armies. Reluctantly, Rorick took up the mantle of ruler after his father’s passing later that year and was crowned Lord of Demolia.

Change of Ideology

Rorick’s heart bled into the policies his kingdom created. He set a drastic change from tradition; he granted open borders to all nations and people, he required paid labor for all walks of life, and he promoted the liberty of all humanoids in his borders. Those who profited on slave labor and border control grew bitter towards the new rule, but the poor class applauded his actions. After a couple of years of reformation, Demolia became known as a free nation for all people. Rorick spent less time in the courts of his nobles and more time overseeing welfare programs he set in place, most of the time being the one handing it out.

Lord Rorick Demolun has been scorned by the rich as a free spender but has flourished in the eyes of his subjects. Titled as, “The Servant Lord,” Rorick focuses to help his people, and eventually, help the world prosper.

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