Invasion of the Void

Little is accounted for the initial discovery of the Plane Beyond. Our scholars today would never have been allowed to question the ancient elves that found it, nor would the Dark Ones be so eager to speak of their homeland without consuming the one who asked. Because of this, we may only study the trails left by the Voidwalkers and their abominations that follow them.

We do know some details from the first years of the Invasion. It began generations before the Human Unification, as there are no records from our side that speak of the event. We also know that Voidwalkers are scarce and rarely found, giving us reason to claim they either came in a small number or were hunted down to the size they are now. We finally know that many elven ruins located near the human nations are literally either half-gone or erased off the map, giving our scholars thought into planar transports being used frequently in the time period.

That being said, many wonder why these planar invasions have not occurred again. The aberrations that have spawned from the time-period are far more powerful than an adept arcanist, yet they hide and cower from the creatures they once feasted on. The easiest answer would point towards the elves that released them; surely they are guarding their past mistake. But they claim innocence in the matter, and our questions remain unanswered.

Regardless of origins, we also know the ramifications of the event. Occasionally, we receive reports of entire populations disappearing in a night, sometimes every building in a town ceases to exist with it. Before my scholars are able to investigate, the site is already blocked off by Transfer Agents claiming the site, “Invaded.” This is frustrating on an academic level, as we cannot learn more if they continue to hide evidence from this unknown source.

Additionally, many scholars have attempted to travel to the Void and report their findings. In these cases, one of three things happens: they return, but are irreversibly insane; they leave and do not return; they leave and another creature returns to cause chaos and destruction around it. I do not speak for the entirety of Aglarond, but I always advise my students to never look into sigils for the Void. Even summoning creatures for it could bring more than what was bargained for.

Certain or not of this place, there is one fact that all scholars agree: these creatures should be eradicated on site. If a single creature shows itself, a colony or hive is nearby and should be dealt with as a national priority. Failure to recognize these creatures as aberrations could lead to the decimation of your home, and quite possibly the kingdom protecting you. These creatures are not to be taken lightly, and it is our goal to banish every last one to the madness they spawned from.

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