User Manual: Titanic Monsters

We interrupt our regularly scheduled bestiary for a special article! This is a test for those Dungeon Masters out there that love to give players a challenge in combat, or love puzzle games that require thinking outside the box. If you enjoy this article, let us know and we will pump out even more of these things in the future!

But for now, let us talk Titans.

You Evil DM

The most popular titan of the Monster Manual, the Tarrasque, is infamous for claiming the title of unkillable. The stereotype of this creature is to drop it into unruly players or to use it if the DM is out of ideas. But with this titanic power, many DMs see this creature as an easy out or too simple to create a story around. Godzilla comes and destroys the city, the players dare not attack it or their lives are forfeit! But this creature gets too much of a bad rap for being indestructible, and it is my obligation to tame the beast for both you and your players.

If you are playing the Tarrasque or other titans for the reasons I listed above intentionally, feel free to continue to rend your players and devour everything they love. I will be happily watching with a tall, cool lemonade in the fallout of your nuclear cataclysm. But for those who want to incorporate it with more meaning, continue on.

The Rumblings

A doomsday titan needs a good old doomsday prophecy. This is under the assumption that your players have gone from under level 20 to level 20, creating bonds and adventures in the world. The coming of the titan is written in horror ages before the party’s existence, and the prophecy should become apparent in their previous adventures. And after the party are labeled heroes of the world, the titan cometh.

It is also not a doomsday if only a village is destroyed. Target a huge location that influences the world, and make that the example of the titans power. The party may try to stop it, but it is near impossible at this moment. They must regather the clues of the prophecy in order to defeat this titan.

The Only Hope

A bit of the prophecy should include the demise of the titan, and the party must search for it. Be it the heart of a dead god or the scepter of ancient king, the item should have such significance that it is hidden from the world forever, or until the titan comes back. After exploring the most perilous area they have gone yet, they face the titan at the last bastion of civilization. Easy story, right?

Well, the issue is that everyone knows that story. So your job as a DM is to make twists and turns, fleshing out every piece of it in your own unique way. I always enjoy watching the monster destruction movies, and they have great merit in discovering new ways to use tropes. The first Cloverfield movie has a titan that has smaller insects that fall off and attack bystanders. Godzilla is a titan of destuction, but is sent to protect the world from other titans destructive natures. Look to your favorite doomsday movie and make the titan your own, and give your players something to talk about.

Let us know some of your favorite doomsday creatures, and how you plan to use them!


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