Update: Reskin, Schedule, and Campaign

We have another update to make for the blog! We will send these out every so often to let you know about our plans and what to expect in the future. This time, Josiah and I have been discussing a polished site and a campaign in the works for all of you to witness.

Firstly, we are going to go on hiatus for a bit. Nothing serious, but we need time to polish the site and make some physical content to work within the game, one of which will be coming very soon to see (hint: it rhymes with “bee ogra fee”). Expect this next week to have no content, and future weeks will have a slower pace of articles posted. Don’t fret, the content will be longer and more in-depth when we post from now on!

Secondly, we are polishing the site! The page will be much more user-friendly, and the Codex will have a new look. A gallery style page will be the Codex Homepage, and items will be neatly organized based on type. Articles are becoming more accessible, and links to other articles will be easier to find and suggested to read.

Finally, we are going to add a Campaign section: one for my own side of the game, the other for Josiah’s. We will update the Campaign section with player bio’s, locations, NPC’s, party decisions, and world events as the characters explore the world. Also, expect to have a Session Analysis section where we talk about what went well and what went poorly in the planning and execution of the game.  We understand that the Internet does that for us already, but ours will be legible, organized, and actually worth listening to.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and patience during this time; we have some awesome change coming our way. Here’s to a successful adventure!


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