Codex: Hobgoblins

The armies of the hobgoblins are an extension of one tactician. Each soldier moves and fights as a blade would be an extension of the arm. They know no sorrow, they fear no death, they fight for their clan and their clan alone.

The hobgoblins are confined to the Speartooth Mountains, where warring clans fight for dominance of the area. This is good news for the surrounding country; if the hobgoblins unified it would spell the end of the lesser civilizations. Even as the civilizations would fall, the hobgoblin armies would grow by assimilating the fallen kingdoms’ children into their society and breeding them for war.

The security of the clan is the most important goal of every soldier. No matter what torture they endure, a hobgoblin knows their sacrifice gives strength to the clan over their enemies. Those who survive live to fight again, or if maimed, live to teach the younger soldiers tactics and honor.

Despite all their cruelty and brutality, hobgoblins are extremely fair and lawful in nature. Each clan enforces a strict code of conduct, and dishonoring this code means banishment or death. This code generally extends to all goblinoid clans, but most clans ignore the code when facing non-goblinoids in warfare. To them, outsiders are a threat to their entire culture, and some clans have been known to make short-lived alliances to defend against human incursions. As hobgoblins show no mercy, we must show no mercy in return.

Rudvalian Commander account for the Speartooth Conquest, circa 1123 FC

Art Credit: “Hobgoblin Wolf Rider” by jubjubjedi

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