Codex: Godsreach

Very little is known of the ancient ruins of Godsreach. It is known to be one of the first settlements of the humans but is also a location of wild magic. To this day, Godsreach has been marked unholy land by the Prophet and forsaken by the nations of man.

Despite the arcane dangers surrounding the area, there has not been any reasonable evidence of why Godsreach is not to be explored. Many arcanists detest the border control of the church around the area, as many benefits to the arcane arts could very well lie in the desolate landscape of the ancient humans. Upon asking the church why they guard the area, they simply claimed it was an unholy place. They of all people should know that claims do not replace evidence.

Regardless of the current activity, we do know the city was destroyed and not abandoned. Many can see the city’s pillar on the horizon from up to 10 miles away, and closer inspection with my spyglass showed markings of scorches. I require more time in the city itself to truly understand what happened there. If only I were allowed in; I must beseech the Prophets next time they come out of council.

The strangest part of the entirety of this place is a lack of history mentioning it. In all the tomes I have read in Aglondal, there is but one mention of it. Ironically, it is mentioned in the Book of Anim, Insight III, which I quote:

“Woe is the man who seeks his own power, who seeks to create worshipers as the Creator has before. Let those who strive for the heavens be cast down, as those of the pillar fell before. Let those who serve their followers be hallow, as the Prophet serves us.”

There is far more to this pillar than let on, and the only good secrets are the worst kind of knowledge. The church will get an earful from me, but it is still doubtful that I will receive permission. Even if I were granted passage, I would not enter without the rest of my associates heavily prepared. Admittedly, as some things are meant to be discovered, others are best left forgotten.

– Excerpt from Magister Nicodemus’s Pilgrimage

Art Credit: Margarida CSilva

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